Terms and conditions of booking

Check-in from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm. It is advisable to communicate your estimated arrival time, including via whatzapp (320 45 68 262).

Check-out is expected within 10:30 am of the day of departure (unless stated otherwise); if this is not so, you will have to pay for another night.

The Reception is open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm; Maria Concetta is always available. For any kind of notice, request or problem, please contact her.

A deposit of 30% with credit card details is required to book.

BCC Bank of Aquara.

IBAN:  it 18 q 08342 76140 0040100 45040.

“Arcobaleno B&B” by Daniele Maria Concetta.

If you prefer cash payment, you need to pay in advance.



Is free within 14 days after arrival.

Penalty of 30% up until the day before the arrival.



Cradle with compulsory change up to 3 years € 15.00 per night, and service in the kitchen only if you book dinner. If parents do not wish to have dinner, the child’s cooking service costs 10.00am per meal.



Pets are allowed with a daily supplement of 5/10 euros, to be paid at the end of the stay.

Any damages are not included in that price.



Double bedroom from 65 to 85 euro.

Triple bedroom from 90 to 110 euro.

Quadruple bedroom from 115 to 135 euro.

Quintuple room ( on request ) from 130 to 150 euro.


The facility is open upon request in winter.